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In 2007 INBODY LIFE was conceived, housing the likes of INBODY Unlimited Potential Retreat, inspiring INBODY original products, INBODY OUTREACH and, of course, INBODY YOGA ACADEMY, Yoga Alliance Registered. We are a company formed to create products, share techniques, and organize events as varied and all encompassing as humanity itself. This company will support exploring the depth of human experience; all of our senses, all of our potential. Our varied and unique offerings will respond to the desire in all of us to remember our essence, to reconnect to each other, and to reacquaint ourselves with living IN our bodies. InBody Academy Hybrid and Root is the only 500 hour Yoga Alliance registered program in Utah and InBody Academy is registered as a yoga school with Yoga Alliance.

Copyright © Inbody Life, 2013

Copyright © Inbody 2013

Copyright © Inbody 2013

We are so excited to invite you to the NEXT LEVEL of the INBODY yoga retreat, led by D'ana Baptiste. INBODY retreats start with the metamorphosis of the individual. We do this by revealing to you, in "measurable" ways, your own strength, grace, and power. In short, INBODY retreats give you the opportunity to tangibly experience your Self revealed.

Strength in vulnerability

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” – Benjamin Disraeli


Hidden Springs Ranch, Altamont, UT

Retreat Dates:

April 30-May 4


7 am – 8 am Pranayama (on the deck)

8 am – 9 am Breakfast

9:30 am - 12:30 pm Yoga Practice

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm focus group (optional)

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Free Time

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Yoga Practice

6:30 pm – 8 pm Dinner/Clean up

8:15 pm – 9:30 pm Meditation


(payment plan optional, please contact or

Camping: $695

Dorm: $895

Semi-private: $1095

Private: $1495



Copyright © Inbody Life, 2013

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Inbody Outreach Mission Statement

Inbody Outreach will provide, educate, and administratively support free yoga and body awareness instructors for individuals or groups who are in structured therapy or recovery programs, low income populations, people who are in need of greater health awareness and established yoga and wellness programs.

Testimonials and Media

Debbie Coleman, LPC, Cancer Wellness House

"I wanted you to know how indebted to InBody Outreach we at the Cancer Wellness House are. The yoga program builds physical flexibility, emotional strength, and a spiritual connection to that which lifts them beyond circumstances they find themselves in currently. The yoga program is truly a bedrock in the programs Cancer Wellness House offers to members. Thank you for contributing to the success of our program."



Lindsay Hinton, Director of Community Engagement, VOA

"Kate is an exceptional community partner. Her consistent work through InBody Outreach of finding and placing high quality yoga instructors in our programs in an effort to bring the healing practice of yoga to our under-served populations has been wonderful. She is an excellent communicator, net-worker, and person. Kate is an efficient and dedicated professional and I am so grateful to have the pleasure of working with her!"

Denise M. Whitten, Patient Services Coordinator/Rehabilitation Services-University of Utah Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"Kate's yoga therapy program, Inbody Outreach has played an integral part in the University of Utah Hospital's Rehabilitation inpatient clinical relaxation program. Since adding yoga therapy to our psychology based neuro feedback program, therapists and physicians have noticed improved spirometry measures, quicker vent weening, decreased anxiety and stress and a reduction in the amount of PRN medications requested for sleep and pain. Because it is always a goal to make our patients who have experienced a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or stroke better faster we look forward to exposing all of our patients to the healing benefits of yoga. We are currently recruiting University researchers to further measure the clinical efficacy of Kate's therapeutic yoga program."


Get in Touch with us

Dana Baptiste

Dana Baptiste



In January 2000, after teaching yoga in the Bay Area, Malibu, Philadelphia, and Boston, D’ana moved to Utah, where she has since built a community of dedicated yoga practitioners who love her philosophy of embracing ALL that life has to offer, using ALL the senses to do so. D’ana’s down to earth approach to business as well as her authenticity and confident personality have made her a natural leader in the “mind-body” industry. Her presence in front of individuals as well as groups is dynamic, humorous, and humble. People warm to her easily. D’ana manages and organizes workshops and retreats around the country. She has developed a superior teacher training program in Utah and continues to grow the program (with over 300 graduates since 2002) which will soon take hold as a yoga therapy academy. She formed a non-profit called Yogis in Service which is a grass roots volunteer “yoga army” who offers yoga to those in need, who cannot afford it, or who will get real benefit from practicing it. When she is not spreading her message, she learns much about life from hanging out with her three boys, who help her keep it real.


Kate Crews Linsley



Kate Crews-Linsley was a soloist dancer with Ballet West for ten seasons retiring in June of 2010. Kate studied with Pacific Northwest Ballet and danced with Kansas City Ballet for 5 seasons. Kate is currently the Dance Department Chair at The Waterford School as well as the Director of the Waterford Dance Academy in Sandy, Utah. Kate also teaches at Creative Arts Academy and is on staff at The University of Utah. As a certified Yoga instructor she teaches yoga classes for populations in need, as well as weekly classes at Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City. While being the executive director of Inbody Outreach, Kate’s passion is to connect all that might benefit from yoga for recovery and cannot afford it, seeing that they have a class available to them. Kate is certified to teach Vets and at-risk youth under the Yoga Warriors and Street Yoga trainings. Kate is looking to extend Inbody Outreach to include yoga and volunteerism retreats locally and around the world.


Mindie Walkoviak



After earning a degree in business management from the U of U in 2000, Mindie began her “managing” through the raising and nurturing of her 3 children. In 2010, she took Dana's yoga teacher training and started volunteering with InBody Outreach right away, at the YMCA in Taylorsville. Mindie promoted yoga at several BeWise programs around town, and also volunteered with the women in detox, at Valley Mental Health. In 2012 she began working under Kate Linsley, director of IBO. Mindie manages and supports InBody’s volunteers so that they feel comfortable to teach specific populations, meet their certification requirements, and can find a replacement when they no longer can teach any population or require a substitute. She is committed to Inbody Outreach’s mission to bring yoga to those in need of greater health awareness and is grateful to the volunteers, who, use their time, to give the gifts of yoga, everyday, to many people who would not be aware of them except through InBody's efforts.

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